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Hamid Sulaiman

Hamid Sulaiman (Damascus, 1986) studied architecture in Damascus. In 2011 he fled the country, first to Germany, then to Paris. Since then he has taken part in group exhibitions in Germany, the UK, Austria and France, where he attracted attention with his evocative, expressive ink drawings. For the last three years Hamid Sulaiman has been working on the comic Freedom Hospital. It now amounts to 280 pages with about 1,120 individual drawings and focuses on the everyday life of Syrian youngsters amidst the civil war. Perpetually threatened by the Assad regime and ISIS, they have to cope with daily violence and search for normality in utterly abnormal surroundings. His stories are based on his own experiences, as well as on YouTube footage, personal impressions and political propaganda images, individual fates and iconic newsfeed photos.

Website: artitious.com/artist/hamid- sulaiman